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About Us...

Pet Memorial Services started since 2005, is a reputable company that provide pet cremation services. We insist in providing professional services all the time, there are numbers of highly satisfied customers such as veterinary and groomers. Owners of pets can be assured that the ashes of their pets are 100% genuine. Our incineration systems located in Melacca is a high technology device that cremate at 1000 Celsius, it is an environmental friendly system. Due to the overwhelming demand, we now have various packages with affordable price to suit different kind of customer with different needs. Besides, we also provide casket for pets, Buddhist ceremony for their lovely pets.
We offer beautiful and affordable options when your beloved pet has passed away. We believe choosing a final resting place for your pet should be a personal experience, one that best symbolizes the love and devotion they have given to us for so long.
Our caskets come in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes and padded decoration, all tailored to your specific needs.
Attention to detail and solid construction make these products a beautiful memorial to the pets we loved.

Owner can present your own religion for beloved pet.
We will provide van for 3 & 4 feet casket.
We will send back the urn with ash to you within 2 days.
We also provide scattering ash service for some owner who wish to do.

Pet Brass Urn,Garden marker & Ash Pendant available here.

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